Dixie Lewellyn, wife of artist Les Lewellyn and a great visual artist in her own right, needs a new liver.
Dixie suffers from Autoimmune Hepatitis, a disease that she was diagnosed with six years ago. Now she is facing a liver transplant.
While recent legislation concerning Medicare would help her pay her astronomical monthly medical bills beginning in 2006, she currently has the daunting task of paying up to $800 per month just to keep alive until a transplant can be arranged. In spite of these challenging personal circumstances, Dixie has buoyed the spirits of so many artists with her indefatigable courage and cheery disposition that online music artists from all over the World have pulled together in this project to help Dixie find the support she needs to pay her medical bills. A large group of her friends want to make that happen as soon as possible.
A year long fundraising effort has been culminated by the release of the boisterous and downright magical single "I'm Not Ready to Go" , the title track of the full length, 14 song Dixie Benefit CD, on www.getmemusic.
"Jon Andersen (founder of Zomala.com) suggested the idea for the CD to have a title song" said Scott Stambaugh. Father Time AKA Scott Stambaugh, a leader in the work of Independent music, wrote the music and lyrics for "I'm Not Ready to Go". "Of course, we all love Dixie. The song just dropped out of the sky for her, I'm tellin' ya." Stambaugh speaks of his commitment to the project: "I met Dixie at concerts at PALTALK (Paltalk.com is a popular gathering place for indie music jam sessions) and she is just such a sweetheart. We want to make this happen and we aren't gonna stop til it gets done."
Once Scott's song was complete in demo form, other talented musicians jumped on board, including the song's producer and project coordinator, the successful British Film composer and arranger William Read: "I first heard about Dixie in 2002 at MP3.com" "When this opportunity to help her arose, I couldn't wait to find out more. I listened to the song, and knew that I had to be a part of it. I decided to offer my services to piece together what would be the most intricate audio jigsaw." Combining recordings sent by of a virtual boatload of diverse musicians William turned it into a remarkably uplifting song -which Read refers to as " A testament to Dixie, and a testament to the incredible artists that made it happen!"
The team of seasoned artists who include artists from Rock, Pop, Country, Classical,, and Jazz were visibly moved by the result of their combined efforts: After hearing the track for the first time, Alternative Rock sensation Ash Ferry was stunned by the power of the song: , "My hair stood up on my arms. My eyes swelled up with tears. It is far beyond my wildest dreams how it turned out. I feel like I know everybody in a closer way now when each part of the song plays. It's stunning."
"Dixie Lewellen is a wonderful lady," exclaims Lana Crowley, a well known Country-Western Artist of Houston, Texas where Dixie lives. I feel so fortunate to consider her my friend. She teaches me something more about being thankful for everything you have, everytime I speak to her." Lana Crowley also speaks about seeing her friend suffer from the effects of her condition: "This terrible disease has made Dixie so weak and has given her so much pain that she can barely be a part of life outside her home anymore. I pray everyday that I will get a phone call that her beeper has gone off and they are taking her to the hospital for her transplant." Every artist in our community believes that once this full length CD is released, Dixie will no longer have to worry everyday whether she will be able to get her Medications for the next month. I have no doubt that once the world hears about Dixie and what an inspiration she is that they will come to her aid.
Dixie herself sees this music as part of her path to wellness: " I was overwhelmed by the song the friendship and love that was put into the project. The artists involved touch my heart and it will never be forgotten..... When I listen to "I'm Not Ready to Go" it is medicine to my soul and it brings an uplifting spark no matter how weak or weary I feel from my illness" The CD is available at Getmemusic.com. All proceeds from the sales are contributed directly to the Dixie transplant fund. Benefit concerts are scheduled and Zomala.com will be of course taking donations to aid the artists' efforts for Dixie. It is truly an overall community effort featuring the cooperation of so many artists for a woman who has inspired them in so many ways. Dixie's not ready to go and her friends are trying to help her stay right where she is. Won't you help too? Purchase the CD at www.getmemusic

Send donations to: NATIONAL TRANSPLANT ASSISTANCE FUND Dixie Lewellyn Account Suite 230 3475 West Chester Pike Newtown Square, PA 19073
Also, you can send donations via PayPal from the Dixie's Official Support Site, WWW.Zomala.com