Rue Davis

Rue Davis' debut CD, You Are My Honey Poo , appeared in 1995 on the Kon-kord label. He moved to Avanti Records, where he issued two 1998 LP'S, Sings With Friends and Somebody Wants You .

Candy Sweet and Dapp Daddy (Off The Hook, K.O.W.) followed in the 00's before Davis returned to Kon-kord for a reprise of his '95 material (including "My Honey Poo") entitled Heaven Has Sent Me Your Love .

For Real , on Studio Showtime, appeared in 2005, featuring a vintage-Isleys-styled song, "Between The Sheets," that captured fan interest across the chitlin' circuit.

In addition, Rue Davis has appeared on many other Southern Soul artists' discs over the years, perhaps most memorably on a duet (from the CD Bettin' On You , Kon-Kord) with Patti Sterling on a super-charged cover of Z.Z. Hill's "Love Is So Good When You're Stealing It." Davis seems to be standing in for all the great soul singers of the past as he convincingly anchors the young, blue-eyed songstress Sterling, who growls and snaps like a reincarnated Della Reese.