"Patti Sterling has a sweet high-pitched soul voice that is both breathy and gutsy - like a cross between Diana Ross and Aretha Franklin, with a touch of Sarah Vaughn for good measure. Hers is a stellar voice bolstered by unearthly chops...A CERTAIN HIT!" -- Tom Kidd, MUSIC CONNECTION
"Sterling is an emotional performer with a crystal vibrato voice that sends shivers down spines . . . Sterling has it together . . .an accomplished backup crew and an outstanding live performance. It's final countdown timefor her because she's ready to blast off. GO SEE HER WHILE THE SEATS ARE STILL CHEAP!"-- Krista Keiter, MUSIC CONNECTION
"Sterling boasts a strong self assured delivery . . . the accent here is on upbeat blue-eyed soul, with some strong material. NOT TO BE IGNORED!" -- Fred Shuster - L A DAILY NEWS
"This is an album I will cherish forever. Beautiful Jazzy songs and some up-tempo Pop songs. Every one of them beautiful until the last note. Sometimes Patti's voice sounds like Diana Ross. And I think that's a compliment. LOVE THAT SOUND."-- Jeroen Roeper - TRACKSONLINE
"Patti Sterling has that Aretha Franklin/Diana Ross voice (excellent)! Strong vocals and a great blues sound, Patti has got what it takes and the music is awesome! If you like blues, you'll LOVE Patti Sterling! Check her out!! ON A SCALE FROM 1-5, I GIVE HER A 5." -- Sticks-- ZINE OF THE TIMES
"Sweet and sassy jazz vocals with a Texas edge are the trademark sound of soul singer Patti Sterling. Backed by a stellar R&B band, Sterling delivers fun tracks in a style reminiscent of Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross. For a fantastic taste of '70s soul gospel rock, don't miss Patti Sterling's "Eye of the Storm" -- it's a track that's truly worthy of a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T!". .
". . . astounding vocal talents. Beautiful. Patti's voice is absolutely gorgeous, she's a star." -EC, BANDB
"...It is not too often I hear something and add it right to the station on the spot... Patti is what you get when you mix equal parts Texas roadhouse rowdiness with equal parts Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Eartha Kit, Chaka Kahn, and (good God almighty), the girl is white!!! "Woman" is getting national airplay on 525 stations nationwide and deservedly so.... Patti brings to mind the great soul of the seventies with a bluesy-ness that can only have come about by playing in front of the rowdiest groups of bar crawlers Texas could gather together in one place... Superstar Power here... long live the Queen of MP3.COM Blues, Patti Sterling!"--Chris K - Alien Cowboy-*** Pro Critic Picks Radio ***
". . .Patti Sterling is the "Real Deal" and all you have to do is listen to her sing to know it... Her ability to "transmit" her incredible energy seperates her from the "pack" and you know immediately that you are listening to a very Special voice.. a very Special talent... a very Special Lady... Patti Sterling uses her voice the way Eric Clapton uses his guitar or Louie Armstrong used his horn... you Feel it when she sings.. you know she is "coming at you" with All she has got. Patti Sterling... just listen to the Lady SING......" BRONSON HERRMUTH, Iowa Homegrown Music
David Cole * In The Basement * Feb.-April,2004 
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